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What Are Arkansas Inmate Records?

Arkansas inmate records are official documents relating to persons who are incarcerated or have served time in local or state-run correctional facilities. These records reveal that the subjects were arrested and found guilty of an act contravening Arkansas laws. An Arkansas inmate record usually contains:

  • ADC Number
  • Name and known aliases
  • Sex
  • Mugshot
  • Biographical data such as age, gender, race/ethnicity
  • Physical descriptors such as hair color, eye color, height, weight, scars, marks, and tattoos
  • Birthdate
  • Current holding facility
  • Facility Address
  • Custody classification
  • Current Prison sentence history
  • Prior prison sentence history
  • Detainers information
  • Major guilty disciplinary violations
  • Probation information
  • Projected release date
  • Incarceration date

Records of persons incarcerated in the county and city jails are maintained by the police department and sheriff’s offices. However, the Arkansas Department of Correction (ADC) is the agency that maintains inmate records of persons incarcerated in any of the state correctional facilities. Under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the ADC, and local law enforcement agencies, are permitted to make inmate records accessible to the public.

How To Find An Inmate In Arkansas?

The public can find Arkansas inmate records using the Inmate Population Information Search tool of the Arkansas Department of Correction (ADC). The portal allows users to access inmate records by providing information such as:

  • Inmate’s ADC number
  • Inmate’s last or first name

The portal provides other filters for users to find more accurate search results. These include gender, race, county, holding facility, offense category, and the offender’s age. Users can find the inmate in question using other information returned on the search result page to find a particular inmate. Select the name to access the required record from the prisoner profile page.

Note that inmate records accessible through the ADC portal are for persons incarcerated in state prisons and correctional facilities. To find inmate records for persons incarcerated in county jails, check the local police departments’ databases and the sheriffs’ offices.

Arkansas has 75 counties, with 75 county jails, and many allow public access to inmate records. For example, the Saline County Sheriff’s OfficeWashington County Sheriff’s OfficeBenton Sheriff’s Office, and Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office allow public access to the inmate records via their homepages.

How To Find A Federal Inmate In Arkansas?

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) provides an online portal for the public to locate federal inmates in Arkansas. The BOP database contains information for current federal inmates and those released after 1982. The BOP does not guarantee that users will find records for federal inmates who were in custody before 1982 through their inmate management system.

Older inmate records are maintained by the National Archives Records Administration (NARA). Persons making a federal inmate record request to NARA are required to provide the following information in their request:

  • Inmate name including middle name and initial
  • Inmate’s date of birth or approximate age at the time of incarceration
  • Inmate’s race or ethnicity
  • Approximate dates in prison

Note that the public may also use the BOP inmate locator portal to find records for persons who were once in BOP custody but never served a federal sentence. Such circumstance may occur if:

  • An individual was detained pre-trial, but criminal charges were later dismissed.
  • An individual was held as a material witness.
  • An individual was held for civil contempt.

The public may find a federal inmate on the BOP portal by providing the inmate’s number or name. The portal makes provision for several types of inmate numbers:

  • The Bureau of Prisons register (BOP) number
  • D.C. Department of Corrections (DCDC) number
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) number
  • The Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) number

To search by name, the inmate’s first and last names are required. Users may also provide the middle name, race, age, and sex of the inmate to obtain a more accurate result.

How Do I Find Inmate Records In Arkansas?

Although the Arkansas Department of Corrections provides public access to inmate records online, information regarding persons incarcerated in state prisons and correctional facilities are managed by individual facilities. To obtain an inmate record, make a request to the holding facility where the inmate is incarcerated.

The addresses and contact information of the correctional facilities in Arkansas are listed below:

Administrative Annex East
2403 East Harding,
Pine Bluff, AR 71601
Phone: (870) 850–8510
Fax: (870) 850–8550

Barbara Ester Unit
7500 Corrections Circle,
Pine Bluff, AR 71603
Phone: (870) 267–6240

Benton Unit
6701 Highway 67,
Benton, AR 72015–8488
Phone: (501) 315–2252
Fax: (501) 315–3736

Central Office
Princeton Pike Road
P.O. Box 8707,
Pine Bluff, AR 71611–8707
Phone: (870) 267–6999

Cummins Unit
Off-Highway 65
Lincoln Co.
P.O. Box 500,
Grady, AR 71644–0500
Phone: (870) 850–8899
Fax: (870) 850–8861

Delta Regional Unit
880 East Gaines,
Dermott, AR 71638–9505
Phone: (870) 538–2000
Fax: (870) 538–2027

East Arkansas Regional Unit
17 Miles (Approx.) Southeast Forrest City
Lee County
P.O. Box 970,
Marianna, AR 72360
Phone: (870) 295–4700
Fax: (870) 295–6564

Grimes Unit
300 Corrections Drive,
Newport, AR 72112
Phone: (870) 523–5877
Fax: (870) 523–8302

J.Aaron Hawkins Sr. Center
Off-Highway 365 Wrightsville
P.O. Box 1010,
Wrightsville, AR 72183
Phone: (501) 897–2256
Fax: (501) 897–2262

Maximum Security Unit
2501 State Farm Rd.,
Tucker, AR 72168–8713
Phone: (501) 842–3800
Fax: (501) 842–1977

McPherson Unit
302 Corrections Drive,
Newport, AR 72112
Phone: (870) 523–2639
Fax: (870) 523–6202

Mississippi County Work Release Center
Off Meadow Road, Mississippi County
P.O. Box 10
Luxora, AR 72358–0010
Phone: (870) 658–2214
Fax: (870) 658–2678

North Central Unit
10 Prison Circle,
Calico Rock, AR 72519
Phone: (870) 297–4311
Fax: (870) 297–4322

Northwest Arkansas Work Release Center
600 West Sunset Avenue,
Springdale, AR 72764
Phone: (479) 756–2037
Fax: (479) 756–0445

Ouachita River Unit
Off-Highway 67 South
100 Walco Lane,
Malvern, AR 72104
Phone: (501) 467–3400
Fax: (501) 467–3430

Pine Bluff Re-Entry Center
6841 West 13th Avenue (second driveway),
Pine Bluff, AR 71602
Phone: (870) 730–0381

Pine Bluff Unit
890 Free Line Drive
Pine Bluff, AR 71603–1498
Phone: (870) 267–6510
Fax: (870) 267–6523

Randall L. Williams Correctional Facility
7206 West 7th Avenue,
Pine Bluff, AR 71603
Phone: (870) 267–6800
Fax: 870 267–6808

Texarkana Regional Correction Center
305 East 5th Street,
Texarkana, AR 71854
Phone: (870) 779–3939
Fax: (870) 779–1616

Tucker Unit
25 miles Northeast Pine Bluff
P.O. Box 240,
Tucker, AR 72168–0240
Phone: (501) 842–2519
Fax: (501) 842–3958

Varner/Varner Supermax Unit
28 miles South Pine Bluff
P.O. Box 600,
Grady, AR 71644–0600
Phone: (870) 575–1800
Fax: (870) 479–3803

Willis H. Sargent Training Academy
1500 NE 1st St.,
England, AR 72046
Phone: (501) 842–8580

Wrightsville Unit
10 miles South Little Rock
Off Wrightsville Highway 365
P.O. Box 1000,
Wrightsville, AR 72183–1000
Phone: (501) 897–5806
Fax: (501) 897–5716

To obtain records of inmates held at the county or police jails, contact the Sheriff’s Office or Police Department charged with the administration of the jail.

Records that are considered public may be accessible from some third-party websites. These websites often make searching simpler, as they are not limited by geographic location, and search engines on these sites may help when starting a search for a specific or multiple records. To begin using such a search engine on a third-party or government website, interested parties usually must provide:

  • The name of the person involved in the record, unless said person is a juvenile
  • The location or assumed location of the record or person involved. This includes information such as the city, county, or state that the person resides in or was accused in

Third-party sites are independent of government sources and are not sponsored by these government agencies. Because of this, record availability on third-party sites may vary.

How To Put Money On Jail Inmates Book In Arkansas?

The Arkansas Department of Correction (ADC) allows family and friends to put money on an Arkansas inmate’s book via three ways:

  • Money orders by mail
  • Online deposits
  • Transfer by phone

Money orders should be made payable to the inmate’s name and ADC number. ADC requires the money order to be accompanied by a Money Order Deport Slip. Send directly to the Inmate banking at:

Arkansas Division of Correction
Trust Fund Centralized Banking
P.O. Box 8908
Pine Bluff, AR 71611

Family and friends may also use the Arkansas Online Inmate Deposit Service to securely deposit funds into an inmate’s trust account or prepaid phone account. Note that a credit card will be required to use this service. The ADC also stipulates that the following specific guidelines that must be adhered to:

  • Minimum deposit amount cannot be less than $10 for inmate trust account
  • Minimum deposit amount cannot be less than
  • $25 for a prepaid phone account
  • No more than $100 may be deposited from a single credit card per day
  • No more than four payments will be accepted per inmate per day
  • No more than $100 may be deposited per inmate per day.
  • Transaction charges may apply to use this service.
  • Payroll cards, prepaid cards, and reloadable cards are not accepted, while Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards are accepted.
  • A transaction may take two business days for processing into the inmate’s account.
  • The sender’s name will appear on the inmate’s trust account statement.

For a prepaid phone or Interactive Voice Request (IVR), fund deposits may be made by calling the automated telephone service at (866) 250–7697. Note that this requires a credit card and a nominal processing fee. The Securus Technologies Website also makes deposits of funds possible online. Persons may also call (800) 844–6591.

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