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Washington County Court Records

Per Court Rules and Administrative Order 19, court records comprise administrative and case records. Case records, or court case records, in Washington County, encompass various legal documentation from civil and criminal cases, such as divorce, adoption, estate administration, naturalization, wrongful death, and criminal traffic proceedings. However, non-judicial agency information is not public, even if a court has access to it, except if the court adopts it as part of the court record.

A typical Washington court record details the involved parties, presiding judge, case filings, charges, docket entries, dispositions, future events (if applicable), and the verdict. The court clerk's offices are responsible for maintaining court records for the County of Washington, Arkansas.

Are Court Records Public in Washington County?

Yes. Court records are considered Washington public records following the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (Ark. Code Ann. §§ 25-19-101, et seq). This accessibility serves to enhance transparency in legal matters. However, certain categories of records are exempt from public access to protect individuals and the legal process. They include:

  • Sensitive Personal Information: This includes social security, tax identification, credit card, and specific asset and liability account numbers.
  • Medical Records: Records containing sensitive medical information are inaccessible to the public.
  • Confidential Addresses: The home and business addresses of petitioners seeking anonymity in domestic protection orders are safeguarded from public access.
  • Restricted Records: Adoption, sealed, and expunged records fall under restricted access categories.
  • Federal and State Restrictions: Information excluded from public access by federal law, court order, court rule, or Arkansas law.
  • Court Decision Materials: Notes, communications, and deliberative materials pertaining to decisions made by judges, jurors, court staff, and judicial agencies, excluding official transcripts, are excluded from public access.

Washington County Court Records Search

Individuals have several options to look up Washington County court records. They can utilize the online case information portal provided by the Arkansas judiciary. Additionally, researchers can visit the court that handled the case to make inquiries, or they may submit a written request via mail. Finally, individuals can explore private aggregate sites as an alternative means of accessing court records.

Washington County Court Records Search by Name

Washington court records can be reviewed onsite or remotely using a case participant's name.

Regarding remote access, most Washington County circuit and district case files are available through the Arkansas Courts' central repository, i.e., the ARCourts case search tool. However, court records before 1991 are exclusively accessible at the Department of Archives or Washington Digital Archives. Individuals seeking such documents can reach out via email to or visit the address provided below:

Washington County Archives
4 South College Avenue
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Phone: (479) 444-1543

Regarding onsite access, individuals can submit a plaintiff or defendant's name to the respective court clerk's office in person, via mail, phone, or fax. For instance, below are the Circuit Clerk's contact details:

Washington County Circuit Clerk
280 North College Avenue
Suite 302
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Phone: (479) 444-1538
Fax: (479) 444-1537

Note that certified copies of court records cost a fee. In the circuit court, the fee is $5 plus 5 cents per page when ordering an entire court file.

Washington County Courts

Washington County has one circuit court and multiple district courts. The addresses for these courts are provided below.

Washington County Circuit Court
280 North College Avenue
Suite 302
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Phone: (479) 444-1538
Fax: (479) 444-1537

Washington County District Courts

201 West 1st Avenue
Elkins, AR 72727
Phone: (479) 643-4170
Fax: (479) 643-3060

Elm Springs
289 Jayroe Avenue
P.O. Box 74
Elm Springs, AR 72728
Phone: (479) 248-7323
Fax: (479) 248-1092

354 West Main Street
P.O. Box 150
Farmington, AR 72730
Phone: (479) 267-3865
Fax: (501) 267-5511

176 South Church Avenue
Suite 1
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Phone: (479) 587-3591
Fax: (479) 444-3480

8 East Ross Street
P.O. Box 67
Greenland, AR 72737
Phone: (479) 521-5760
Fax: (479) 521-7780

2904 Main Drive
P.O. Box 563
Johnson, AR 72741
Phone: (479) 521-3192
Fax: (479) 521-9157

101 Arthur Avenue
P.O. Box 967
Lincoln, AR 72744
Phone: (479) 824-3321
Fax: (479) 824-4126

Prairie Grove
955 East Douglas
P.O. Box 329
Prairie Grove, AR 72753
Phone: (479) 846-3467
Fax: (479) 846-5548

City Administration Building
201 North Spring Street
Springdale, AR 72764
Phone: (479) 750-8150
Fax: (479) 750-8564

262 West Main Street
P.O. Box 339
West Fork, AR 72774
Phone: (479) 839-3249
Fax: (479) 839-3335

Washington County Superior Court Case Search

In Washington County, there is no superior court; however, the circuit court operates a jurisdiction equivalent to that of a superior court. The court comprises Divisions I to VIII, which include specialized courts like the juvenile (Divisions III and VIII) and drug court (Division IV). Various cases, such as criminal, civil, domestic relations, and juvenile matters, are adjudicated within these divisions.

Washington County circuit court records can be obtained online, via in-person visits to the courthouse, or by mail. Residents can use the online ARCourt search tool to retrieve desired court records. A name or case number is necessary to access the platform. The website disseminates court indexes, dockets, and case documents.

Alternatively, visitors can stop by the courthouse where a case was heard to find case information and documents. Below are the addresses for the different circuit court divisions:

Divisions I, II, V, VI, VII
Washington County Courthouse
280 North College Avenue
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Division III (Juvenile)
Juvenile Justice Center
885 West Clydesdale Drive
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Division IV (Drug Court)
Historic Courthouse
4 South College Avenue
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Division VIII
Justice Annex
123 North College Avenue
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Washington County District Court Records

There are several district courts situated in cities within Washington County. Each court holds jurisdiction over specific matters arising in the city it serves and the surrounding area. Cases handled by district courts include traffic violations, misdemeanor criminal offenses, contract disputes, city ordinance violations, civil actions, recovery of personal property, damage to personal property, preliminary felony matters, and small claims.

An individual may district court records online, by mail, or in person at the presiding courthouse, depending on their preferences. Generally, basic information about a case file is needed to locate records, such as a party name or case number.

Washington County Criminal Records

Washington County criminal records are maintained by law enforcement agencies and the judiciary, with the accessibility varying based on a record's type and contents.

A Washington criminal record maintained by local law enforcement includes Washington County arrest records, such as the circumstances of an arrest, particulars about the individual involved, reasons for the arrest, and the disposition of the arrest. However, specific categories of information are restricted to the public, with full access limited to the subject of the record, law enforcement officials, and the judiciary.

Members of the public seeking criminal records can approach the arresting police department or sheriff's office. Any requester must provide details that can aid record retrieval, such as a subject's name or date of birth. Fees may be charged to obtain copies of a record. The relevant agency can clarify associated costs.

To retrieve personal criminal records, individuals should contact the Arkansas State Police. It is important to note that access to records remotely is typically reserved for individuals registered on the Information Network of Arkansas (INA). If one does not have an account, remote access is unavailable. However, requests can be submitted via mail for $25.

Washington County Criminal Court Case Lookup

Accessing Washington County criminal court case records is straightforward, requiring only the provision of the pertinent details about a case, such as a party name or case number.

Those interested in performing a Washington County criminal court case lookup can access the ARCourts online case search tool to find records of closed and open criminal cases. They can also visit or send a written request by mail to the clerk of the presiding courthouse (the court with jurisdiction over the case)

Get Washington County Civil Court Records

Civil cases are those not involving criminal allegations. They encompass disputes between individuals, corporations, governmental bodies, or other entities, such as landlord-tenant conflicts, breach of warranty on consumer goods, personal injury claims, domestic issues, property damage, unpaid personal loans, juvenile misconduct, and probate. Generally, civil court records are kept by the clerk of the courthouse where a case was handled.

Individuals can also use the ARCourts online case search tool to find civil court records from Washington County. The system can be searched with a case number or party name, and users can download or print case documents.

Alternatively, individuals can mail requests to the clerk's office or visit the courthouse where the case was handled to retrieve records.

Washington County Family Court Records

Family cases, including adoption, divorce, and domestic abuse, are heard in the circuit and district courts of Washington County. The county does not have a dedicated family court.

To access Washington County Family Court records, individuals can utilize the ARCourts case management system or contact the respective court clerk's office. To facilitate a search, each requester must provide a case number or the name of a case participant. Certified copies of family court records are available for a fee.

It should be noted that confidentiality laws restrict access to certain family court records to involved parties, legal professionals, law enforcement, and other authorized individuals.

Individuals may request family court records for various reasons, including enforcing judgments and supporting claims related to paternity, custody, or guardianship.

Washington Dissolution of Marriage Records

Washington dissolution of marriage (divorce) records are classified as family court records and maintained by the clerk of the court that handled a case. Individuals seeking these records can search the ARCourts case management system, send an inquiry via mail to the court clerk's office, or visit the courthouse for direct inquiries. It is essential to highlight that this process applies solely to records deemed public in Washington.

Washington County Marriage and Divorce Records

Washington County divorce decrees and other court case records are accessible through the ARCourts case management system or can be obtained from the courthouse where the divorce was concluded. Eligible individuals (Ark. Code Ann. § 20-18-305) can also get a certified divorce record from the Arkansas Department of Health for $10.

On the other hand, Washington County marriage certificates can be requested by qualified persons (Rule 15.0) from the Arkansas Department of Health as follows:


The Office of Vital Records, Arkansas Department of Health, allows walk-in visits during business hours at 4815 West Markham Street. Please note that same-day availability of a certificate may vary based on the request time and current workload. Accepted payment methods include cash, check, money order payable to the Arkansas Department of Health, and credit or debit cards.

Individuals can also visit a local health unit to submit a request.

Phone Orders

Orders can be placed by calling (866) 209-9482. Service, certificate, and expedited shipping fees can be paid using Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express cards.

Mail-In Request

To request a Washington County marriage certificate by mail, individuals can complete and submit an application form and a government-issued ID copy. Only checks and money orders are accepted. The processing time for mail orders is typically 10 to 14 business days.

Arkansas Department of Health
Vital Records, Slot 44
4815 West Markham Street
Little Rock, AR 72205

Individuals can also obtain a certified Washington County marriage record for $10 through an approved private vendor. The processing time for this option ranges from 7 to 14 business days.

Washington County Birth and Death Records

Washington County's birth and death records, along with divorce and marriage records, are classified as vital records. According to Ark. Code Ann. § 20-18-305, access to these records is regulated. The law limits availability to authorized individuals only for 100 years (birth) or 50 years (death) from the event date. Consequently, these Washington County vital records are not considered part of the public records in Washington.

Requests for Washington birth or death certificates can be made to the Arkansas Department of Health online, in person, by mail, or over the phone. Detailed instructions are available on the agency's website. However, each requester must provide the necessary details, a valid ID, and payment.

It costs $12 for the first copy of a birth record and $10 for each additional copy of the same record ordered simultaneously. Meanwhile, it costs $10 for the first copy of a death record and $8 for each extra copy of the same record ordered simultaneously.

Birth and death records hold important legal significance as they provide statistical data used by the county to assess population trends and mortality rates, among other vital population data. These records also fulfill legal purposes, such as verifying a person's identity and claiming benefits.

Washington County Probate Court Records

The Washington County Circuit Court handles probate matters, including guardianship, estates, trusts, and mental commitments. Individuals seeking probate court records can contact or visit the Circuit Clerk's office. They may also access the ARCourts case management website to find probate records with a name or case number.

Washington County Property Records

Individuals can obtain Washington County property (real estate) records from the Assessor's office. The office provides online on its official website and in-person access at 280 North College Avenue, Suite 250, Fayetteville, AR 72701. Records at the Assessor's office can be searched using criteria such as owner's name, parcel number, property ID, physical address, subdivision, or S-T-R (Section, Township, Range).

Residents may also obtain property records from the Circuit Court Clerk's office, which serves as the official recorder for real estate instruments. The office provides an online index for retrieving deeds, judgments, liens, releases, and more.

A typical property record includes details about a property's location, owner, value, tax information, physical description, and any historical significance it may hold. Conducting a property record search is essential for making informed decisions, especially when considering property investment opportunities.

Washington County Court Records Online

People can access Washington County court records through online court repositories or non-government-owned (third-party) websites. Third-party sites like vary in the services they offer, the content of records, and access requirements. Nonetheless, these sites are generally user-friendly, often requiring a first and last name to begin a search.

However, while third-party sites offer a broader search scope, there is the potential for outdated or inaccurate information. Third-party websites may also charge for access, unlike government-run sites where access is often free.

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