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Washington County Arrest Records

In Washington County, arrests refer to the legal process through which law enforcement officers take an individual into custody. They are also made when there is sufficient evidence of a person's involvement in a crime. Furthermore, they might conduct arrests to prevent crimes or further harm.

Washington County's law enforcement agencies generate arrest records for all documented arrest events. Furthermore, the agencies maintain the records and make them accessible to public members or entities. For instance, you can obtain Washington County arrest records from the county sheriff's office at:

1155 West Clydesdale Drive
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Phone: (479) 444-5700

You can also find arrest records in other public documents. Washington County court records on criminal cases may contain arrest information. You can also find arrest records in criminal background checks or rap sheets.

Are Arrest Records Public in Washington County?

Washington County arrest records are public documents under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. Under state law, interested parties can request and obtain arrest records from designated government entities. State law also restricts certain arrest records from the public's view.

Record custodians can choose to redact confidential Washington County arrest information. These agencies will generally redact records that reveal sensitive information. That said, the following arrest information is exempt from public access:

  • Sealed or expunged arrest records
  • Arrest records that contain witnesses or crime victims’ personal information

What Do Public Arrest Records Contain?

In Washington County, public arrest records provide information on the following:

  • The offender's name, aliases, and identifying features like eye color, height, and sex.
  • Offender's address
  • Mugshot
  • Age on the booking date
  • Booking date and time
  • Offense description
  • Arresting agency
  • Bond
  • Detainee ID

Note: Record custodians may release confidential arrest records to legally eligible requesters. For example, crime victims can obtain their personal information in arrest records.

Washington County Crime Rate

According to the Arkansas Department of Safety’s crime statistics report, Washington County's law enforcement agencies recorded 10,851 crimes in 2022. The total crime report consists of 4,506 violent crimes and 6,345 property crimes.

Per the report, larceny thefts and simple assaults were the most recurring crimes at 2,340 and 2,098, respectively. The crime report consists of index crimes like burglaries, rape, homicide, aggravated assaults, and motor vehicle thefts.

Washington County Arrest Statistics

The Arkansas Department of Public Safety, via the Criminal Information Center, collates all arrest information in Washington County. According to the agency's report, Washington County documented 1,643 arrests in 2022. Juvenile arrests made up 16 percent of the total arrests.

In contrast, the Arkansas Department of Corrections provides incarceration statistics and reports. While there is no county-specific incarceration data, the state recorded 17,129 inmates in 2022.

Find Washington County Arrest Records

Record seekers can find arrest records in Washington County by checking inmate records. Inmate records often contain arrest information, such as the person's name, mugshot, arresting agency, booking date, and bond conditions.

State and federal agencies provide access to inmate information through online search portals. The Arkansas Department of Corrections maintains an inmate search portal. Record seekers using the portal must provide the following search information:

  • Inmate's first and last name
  • ADC number
  • County name
  • Offense Category
  • Age
  • Race

The Federal Bureau of Prisons is also a resource for finding Washington County arrest records. To obtain records on the portal, record seekers may search using the inmate's name or prison identification number.

At the local level, the Washington County sheriff's office keeps a list of people detained within the last three days. You can scroll down the list to find arrest information.

Free Arrest Record Search in Washington County

Official government agencies provide free access to arrest records in Washington County. For example, you can search for free arrest records through these agencies:

  • Arkansas Department of Corrections
  • Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • Washington County Sheriff's Office

Third-party sites are also alternative sources for accessing free arrest records in Washington County.

Get Washington County Criminal Records

In Washington County, record seekers can get criminal records from the Arkansas State Police (ASP). Criminal records are official files on arrests, court actions, and correctional facilities.

The ASP offers both online and mail-based searches for criminal records. To search records online, record seekers must create an account on the ASP's online criminal background check system. It costs $22 for a name-based search on the portal.

In contrast, you can send mail requests to access the records. So, follow these steps to request criminal records via mail:

Arkansas State Police
ID Bureau
1 State Police Plaza Drive
Little Rock, AR 72209

Washington County Arrest Records Vs. Criminal Records

Arrest records are not the same as criminal records; the records are different in terms of their creation process, custodian agency, and content. For example, law enforcement entities create arrest records after making an arrest. On the other hand, the county’s law enforcement agencies and courts jointly create criminal records.

Arrest records generally only contain law enforcement-generated information, such as mugshots, arrest charges, and booking dates. In contrast, criminal records may contain arrest records, court data, and inmate information.

How Long Do Arrests Stay on Your Record?

Washington County arrest records do not have an expiration date. Instead, the records will remain visible until the record subject seals or expunges them.

Expunge Washington County Arrest Records

Per Arkansas state laws, expungement is a legal procedure for removing your arrest records from public records. To expunge Washington County arrest records, you must be legally eligible to do so under state laws. Next, you must petition the district or circuit court that handled your case. In the case of a dismissed charge or non-conviction case, you may file the petition with any of the county courts.

Who is eligible to expunge arrest records in Washington County?

You are eligible to expunge misdemeanors records in Washington County However, you must wait five years after sentence completion to expunge these criminal offenses:

  • Battery in the third-degree
  • Sexual assault in the fourth-degree
  • Public sexual indecency
  • Domestic battering in the third-degree
  • Sexual assault in the fourth-degree
  • Negligent homicide
  • Driving while intoxicated

Per § 16-90-901 of the Arkansas Code, you are not eligible to expunge arrest records if you were found guilty or pleaded no contest to a sexual offense in which the victim was less than 18 years old.

How can I expunge arrest records in Washington County?

You can expunge Washington County arrest records through these steps:

  1. Download, fill out, and print a Petition to Seal Arrest Records and an Order to Seal Arrest. Submit the forms to the court clerks in Washington County courts.
  2. The court will review the submission and sign the order to seal the arrest record.
  3. Next, the court clerk will forward the signed consent form to the Arkansas Department of Public Safety. Upon receiving the order, the agency will expunge arrest records.

However, there's a different procedure for expunging arrest records that results in a court conviction. To expunge criminal convictions, you must follow these steps:

Step 1: Gather the necessary documents

First, get copies of the judgment order from the clerk of the court that issued the sentence. The clerk will charge fees for retrieving and copying the record.

Next, request a copy of your criminal record from the Arkansas State Police. Other required documents include the following:

Step 2: Complete the forms and submit them to the court clerk.

Make copies of the documents and send a copy to the district or circuit court clerk's office. Ensure that you are sending the form to the court that handled the case. For cases that occurred outside the county, you must visit the county's court to file for expungement.

Step 3: Next, send a copy of the documents to the prosecuting attorney's office at:

280 North College Avenue
Suite 301
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Phone: (479) 444-1570
Fax: (479) 444-1594

Step 4: Send another copy to the law enforcement agency that arrested you.

The court will grant the petition if there is no opposition to it. However, the court will set a hearing date if a notice of opposition is filed.

Note: You can follow these steps to seal or remove arrest records in Washington County.

Washington County Arrest Warrants

Arrest warrants are legal directives to enforce an arrest. Judicial officers issue arrest warrants after receiving affidavits or complaints from law enforcement officers.

Arrest warrants in Washington County may contain information on the following:

  • Record subject's name, address, and identifying features like eye color and sex.
  • Description of the offense
  • The court clerk's signature and name.
  • Court Case number for the arrest warrant.

Washington County Arrest Warrant Search

The Washington County Sheriff's Office is the custodian of all arrest warrants issued within the county. The sheriff's office maintains an online search portal for all active or outside arrest warrants. Interested parties can obtain Washington County arrest warrants by inputting the offender's first and last name into the search portal.

Do Washington County Arrest Warrants Expire?

Washington County arrest warrants do not expire and will remain active until the record subject is arrested, dies, or appears in court. Note that the statute of limitation has no effect on arrest warrants. Thus, the warrant will remain active even after the statute of limitations has elapsed.

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